Jean Yves Chainon – CEO of JYC VR and Founder of OOAworld – Digital Entrepreneur, Virtual Reality Film Producer and Director, and Multimedia Journalist

Jean Yves Chainon is a French-American digital entrepreneur, content creator,  journalist, and media consultant whose work has been featured in publications such as Washington Post and AJ+:


  • CEO of JYC, a production studio dedicated to virtual reality (VR) and 360 videos
  • Founder of OOAworld, a website dedicated to original, creative and qualitative multimedia storytelling
  • Executive Producer & Director of Virtual Reality at the Global Editors Network
  • Independent reporter: Photography, Videos & Written
  • Virtual Reality & 360 Video, Producer and Filmmaker


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Jean Yves Chainon JYC Virtual Reality
Jean Yves Chainon – CEO, JYC, Virtual Reality (VR)

Full Biography

Jean Yves Chainon graduated from Brown University in 2006. He first served as a multimedia journalist at the World Association of Newspapers, where he became Editor-in-Chief of their online news site Editors Weblog, a publication about media news and journalism trends designed for news executives and editors.

Since 2010, Chainon has also led training workshops and been giving video conferences about journalism, social media and digital news for the US State Department and its ARS Bureau in Africa.

In 2011-2012, Chainon was employed on a one-year contract with Google and WorkforceLogic to work on Google Ads.

During that time he also worked as a media consultant with several firms including the Global Editors Network, WAN-IFRA, and Revsquare in New York. He also managed a variety of study tours and workshops including visits with The New York Times, Washington Post and Google. Chainon has worked and trained media professionals on a wide variety of projects including Virtual Reality, Multimedia Journalism, Web Design, Digital News, Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Training.

Since 2014, he’s been Executive Producer and Director of Virtual Reality & 360 Video for the Global Editors Network, including the GEN Summit annual conference in Barcelona and managing study tours.

Since the end of 2015, Chainon founded JYC VR, a virtual reality and 360 video production studio based in Los Angeles, and has been producing 360 video documentaries including co-productions with ( and 360 video series in Los Angeles and South America. He has also been leading training workshops with international news organizations about virtual reality and 360 video and immersive journalism.

In 2017, JYC VR was selected among 150 startups to be part of a year-long incubation program at TF1, the largest broadcaster in France, to help with their VR efforts, and as part of JYC’s transition towards developing more interactive VR and technological AR / MR solutions.

Chainon also pursues his activities in photojournalism, videojournalism and VR journalism, for which his work has been published internationally in newspapers and magazines including Washington Post, AJ+, El Periodico in Spain or Berliner Journalisten in Germany, and he’s the author and Editor of Trends in Newsrooms 2010 and 2011, 200-page industry reports. He also contributed to the book Participatory Journalism: Guarding Open Gates at Online Newspapers.

A content producer at heart, Chainon is also the founder of (, a website dedicated to the production of multimedia storytelling including photos, videos, writing and more.

He continues to publish creative photo series, written articles, stories, videos, documentaries and short films. He’s also the author of two novels, essays and collections of short stories in both English and French.

During his free time, he likes to code and develop websites, or spends his time in the sky as a private pilot.